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Back Step to the Front Seat



More shows coming

Multi-part Series ...   Truth that can come from trying to transition from the back step to the front seat.  Over the next few weeks PSEN will produce a series that can help.


  • Ready ... Why transitioning is challenging
  • Ready...  Tribal harmony matters
  • Soon ...   First on-scene and the operational triad
  • Soon...    Why SWOT works and why walk about helps
  • TBD ...    Bridge the gap - Building construction and hazards
  • TBD...     Putting in all together and series conclusion

PSEN in conjunction with Rick Best opened this series talking about the manner a firefighter might consider when moving from the back step to the front seat.  We talked about using the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives as a foundation to begin a steady and methodical change in culture.  We hope you enjoy this podcast.

In this episode I talked with Jay Ruoff a friend, colleague and now a retired Chief of Operation with the Littleton Colorado Fire Department.  Jay brings his thoughts, experiences, and wisdom to the episode.   Listen and enjoy.