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Welcome to PSEN

Training in the fire service has taken on a whole new look and meaning. There are no shortages of fire service publications, conferences, and Online training to pick from. The bigger issue is whether personal and professional development is in your plans but day-to-day living, family expectations, time and opportunity presents personal challenges. I created PSEN to I help solve those issues. Our work is unique in so much as we coach and guide rather than lecture and tell when we teach. My good fortune along with vision, dedication and education has brought me to a place where PSEN can provide a unique niche in fire service education.

PSENSince we began ...

Our goal has been to educate and promote personal and professional growth, development and self leadership. To change the way firefighters think, what they believe, what they perceive with hope that a change in attitude and culture prevails. The last decade has seen quantum growth in the way we communicate, work and learn. I do not think anyone of us could have imagined such progress and opportunity. The Public Safety Education Network is seeking a strong core of firefighters who believe that together everyone achieves more. PSEN is adapting to new challenges. We continue to strengthen our focus on training areas that should help you think differently. Please consider our services to improve organizational and personal growth.

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Incident Safety Officer Certification Preparation - Online Prepare for ISO Certification Testing  David Dodson ISO 3rd (latest) edition. 

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$95.00 Single Person Registration Part #1

1. Register - Enrollment fee is paid to PSEN and you can purchase the ISO book from Jones and Bartlett.  - Click here for a reduced rate -  on the ISO book.  Purchase just the computer key-code at an even more reduced rate - key code only. 

2. Create your own Jones and Bartlett student account.  Your book will contain a "key code" that you will use to create your personal Jones and Bartlett account. Once activated, you will be asked for the PSEN key code. 

Part #2 Nationnal Certification - Optional

When you feel ready to challenge the "official" ISO certification examination you can arrange that directly through FDSOA  - Fire Department Safety Officers Association

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