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Got teams?


If you hope to meet goals, make changes, and cultivate change within your organization PSEN team management mentorship program will help.


Utilizing Microsoft 365 Teams we take your team to interdependency, efficiency and produce results based on what the team needs to do. In addition we point to what they are capable of doing.


PSEN mentorship program brings your team together, provides a platform to manage the big  picture and guide projects to completion on time and on budget.


Our services are available for fire service organizations and any organization working to develop teams, team work, leaders, and outcomes.

"For an average leader, motivation is a way to make people work harder, but for an outstanding leader, motivation is a way to help people work smarter."― from "In Extremis Leadership: Leading As If Your Life Depended On It.

Who stands out?


I have spend my adult life working in high stress, time sensitive careers that bring me to this point in career.  A retired firefighter and commercial pilot flight instructor.  Success was based on how well you trained, how well you worked with others and how you mentor younger folks looking for their own path.


When you recognize folks that are worth investing PSEN will help.  We teach tribal  leadership, and mentor their growth.  We discuss their beliefs, misconceptions and consequences.  We take them to places rarely taught in  team dynamics and offer a different perspective from what we learned and what our friends have learned.


Whether in the fire service, private business/corporate careers you have an opportunity to enroll in PSEN succession leadership training.


Training in the fire service has taken on a whole new look and meaning. We know there are no shortages of fire service platforms, publications, conferences, and on-line training to pick from. Is personal and professional development in your plans? Day-to-day living, family expectations, time, opportunity? PSEN was created to help solve this dilemma. Our work is unique, we coach and guide our students/colleagues rather than lecture. My good fortune along with vision, dedication and education has brought me to a place where PSEN can provide a unique niche in fire service education. Our ability to ADAPT. The dynamics of how the fire service is changing is a direct reflection of adaptation. For as long as I can recall fireground strategies and ultimately fireground tactics were built on a foundation of common denominators. Certain types of houses, certain types of commercial buildings, certain types of fires, and certain firefighter actions. Our need to "adapt" remained generally confined to within these parameters. It is becoming more apparent that we must demonstrate an ability to "adapt" to new technology, tools, construction designs, techniques, codes, and education all of which seems to be changing at a rate ten times faster than just a generation ago. The early success of PSEN is a direct result of the adaptation many public safety leaders recognize must be made. We have heard many say that we need to be more creative, flexible, and cunning in order to take control our destiny rather than destiny seeming to control us. PSEN is taking control of its destiny and we will continue to lead the way.



Don't Break the Windows! This is a video that chronicles Boston Fire Department Mayday Training. It was produced two years ago but I just came across it and want to share it with PSEN friends. It is informative and worth your time, worthy of a kitchen table discussion about Mayday operations. Decision Making in the UK Fire and Rescue Service Uploaded on Jun 6, 2017 Research improving how fire service commanders tackle major incidents has won an award for innovation.

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